Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union (CBWU)

    President’s Message





    Karlene Edwards-Warrick - Trinidad and Tobago

    My dear sisters, I greet you in the all-powerful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we navigate this incredibly challenging and unprecedented time in our history, I urge all of you, the women of the Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union to be prayerful, proactive, pliable and prompt in your decision making. I encourage you to look outward for every opportunity for ministry as there are many persons who are in need and without Hope. While I am aware that our resources may be limited during this time of crisis, I call on you to exercise the faith of the widow of Zarephath because it is in giving that we will receive and we will witness God’s miraculous provision.

    May God continue to lead the CBWU as we fulfil God’s great work in this Caribbean region. My officers and I look forward to your continued support to the CBWU in the next five years as we foster and celebrate unity in Christ and promote fellowship among Baptist Women in the Caribbean and worldwide.


    Latest News

    The Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union (CBWU) held its virtual Transition Ceremony on Friday 31st July, at 8.15 pm (AST).  The following are the newly elected officers of the CBWU who will serve for the 2020-2025 quinquennium.



    President                 : Karlene Edwards-Warrick (Trinidad and Tobago)

    Vice Presidents        : Sherrian Munro (Grenada)

                                     : Betty James (San Andres)

    Secretary                 : Buela Hamilton (Turks and Caicos) - 2020-2022

    Interim Secretary     : Donna-Daile Smart (Trinidad and Tobago) - 2023-2025

    Asst. Secretary        : Sylvia Henry (Jamaica)

    Treasurer                : Julie Barclay (Trinidad and Tobago)


    Executive Committee: 

    ❖    Elected Officers

    ❖    Presidents of all member bodies   

    ❖    Immediate Past President      


    Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union (CBWU)

    The Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union (CBWU) is the Women’s Ministry arm of the CBF. It is also one of seven Continental Unions affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance Women’s department.


    Mission Statement

    To foster and celebrate unity in Christ and promote fellowship among Baptist Women in the Caribbean and worldwide; win souls for Christ and work towards greater social and community involvement through prayer, witness and service.

    The Vision of the CBWU is Caribbean Baptist Women in every island working together, growing in effectiveness, solidarity and impacting our region and the world for Christ.


    Strategic Areas

    ❖    Strengthening the fellowship in the Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union (CBWU) through effective Communication

    ❖    Equipping the Leaders and Membership of CBWU for Dedicated Service

    ❖    Engaging in Mission and Mission Awareness

    ❖    Development of Social Ministries

    ❖    Development of Resources and Identity

    Some major activities

    ❖    CBWU  Annual Conference (July)

    ❖    CBWU Day of Prayer (1st Monday June)

    ❖    Baptist Women World Day of Prayer (1st Monday November) 

    ❖    Biannual Newsletter (January and July)

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                                                       CBWU - DAY OF PRAYER 2023


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    Our 39th General Conference - Dominica July 20 - 24th 2023

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