The President's Desk

    President- Rev. Dr. William Thompson 



    My Baptist Family:

    It is always a joy to greet you through this medium. I refer to you as family, because that is how I feel about my Baptist sisters and brothers across the Caribbean region as well as those in the diaspora. Apart from the fact that we have all been incorporated into the same Body by the Holy Spirit, we do share a common history of domination and colonialism that binds us together. 

    It is this sense of family that encourages solidarity in times of distress and disaster. Our region had visitations from two fierce storms - tropical storm Erika and Hurricane Joaquin - that resulted in varying degrees of devastation in Dominica and the Bahamas. While we celebrate the fact that there was no fatality in the Bahamas, we are saddened by the loss of lives in Dominica as well as the sailors who seemed to have died when their ship sank in the midst of Joaquin.  

    I was pleased with the efforts of our EST who kept us informed during these sad moments and made appeals for prayers and material support. Though the response could have been much better from our Conventions/Unions/Associations/, we are still grateful for what we have received not only from our Caribbean sisters and brothers, but also from our overseas partners such as Baptist World Aid and American Baptist Churches International Ministries. Because of your generous gifts, CBF was able to stand in solidarity, particularly with our sisters and brothers in Dominica in tangible ways.

    The visits made by Vice President Bernadette Richards from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and EST Jackson to Dominica on behalf of CBF must be noted. This for me represents what family stands for – sharing in each other’s suffering and pain. I encourage you to keep the spirit of family alive, so that whatever is your experience – joy or sorrow – you can be assured of support. 


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