Suggestions as to how the Church might Respond - COVID - 19

    • 3-26-2020

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    These are extremely challenging times for the entire world as we battle with the Coronavirus - COVID-19. Already thousands have lost their lives while many others are infested. I invite you as Baptists in the Caribbean region and the Diaspora, to join in partnership with other members of the church/religious community, governments, health care providers, agencies and organizations, to encourage those under your care to practise physical (social) distancing and all recommended hygienic practices.

    Undoubtedly, the impact of the current pandemic, will be devastating on the world's economy; thus resulting in wide scale reversals, disruptions and  disorientations. The church will not be exempted from the impact of the global recession that is predicted. As you seek to be faithful to your calling as God's people in God's world, I encourage you to consider the following and adapt where possible:

    1. Continue to organize the church for ministry by using modern communication technology, for example. Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp etc.

    2. Develop a special ministry, targeting the elderly, by putting in place a Rapid Response Team to offer assistance (not necessarily financial) where needed, in relation to purchasing medication, going to supermarket and paying bills etc 

    3. Target the poor and disadvantaged by supplying care packages containing basic items

    4. Be guided by all restrictions decided on by your respective Governments. 

    5. Offer a telephone counselling and spiritual support ministry. This ministry is needed to help persons to manage the sudden reversal they would have experienced, as a result of COVID - 19. 

    6. Use modern technology to offer online worship services 

    7. Plan creative ways to lead your congregations in fasting and prayer for the world.

    8. Support the call of the Baptist World Alliance for prayer for the world on Monday, March 31. You can join online at together/ 

    We cannot afford to retreat or shrink back at this time of global crisis. The church has an important role to play, to mediate the presence of God and to keep hope alive. Let us pray one for the other, as we offer leadership to the church community at this time. 

    Rev. Everton Jackson