Praying together as we face COVID-19 - Coronavirus

    • 3-26-2020


    Sisters and Brothers,

    I recommend that the below prayer composed by the Jamaica Baptist Union  be read in all the churches in the Caribbean this Sunday, as we stand in solidarity in our fight against this deadly virus (COVID - 19) that is spreading across the world. 

    Praying together as we face COVID-19 - Coronavirus

    God of the present moment - you who attend us by your Spirit, God who in Jesus Christ stills the storm and soothes the frantic heart, God of all times and circumstances, we come to you in prayer in this time of unease, uncertainty and foreboding, seeking to find the calm, the courage and the hope we need, as we face the reality that the novel Coronavirus COVID 19, which has been spreading around the world, has made its way to the Caribbean region. God of foresight, insight and initiative, we thank you for all the preparations that have been made, all the work that has been done and all the arrangements that have been put in place to meet this moment. Help us now to deploy the understanding, the resources and the resourcefulness that will enable us to mitigate, minimize and manage its impact on us, our respective country, its economy and its stability.

    God of yesterday, today and tomorrow, from generation to generation, through crises, troubles and disease, you have been our guide, protector and healer. Grant our leaders, medical personnel and emergency workers, the composure, the competence and the confidence to act purposefully, decisively and appropriately. Lead them as they take the steps necessary to protect lives, promote health and preserve wellbeing. God of love, compassion and community, give us a spirit of solidarity that we will treat each other with dignity, share information responsibly and be disciplined in our cooperation with the measures taken by those who shape and superintend our response. Empower us to act in healing ways. Help us to consider the vulnerable, reassure the sick and advocate for the forgotten. Grant that we will all support each other and be fully given to operating in the interest of the common good.

    God of creation – you who made every tribe, people and nation, we pray for the families around the world who have lost loved ones to the disease and whose broken heart s are now searching for answers. We commit all those who are currently suffering the disease to your healing love, and any who may be affected subsequently.

    We pray in solidarity with all persons for the efforts in the global community to find a cure, for the unity and resolve among and between countries making the effort to halt the spread of the disease, and for the growing awareness that this too shall pass. O God, our God, hear us, help us, heal us and reassure us of your grace. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.