Devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, 2017

    • 12-13-2017

    Dear Sisters & Brothers,

    By now you would have known that Hurricane Irma, a powerful Category 5 storm clocking 185 mph winds claimed the lives of ten (10) persons so far as it left a trail of devastation in the Caribbean territories that it passed through.  Barbuda, one of the worst-hit countries, was described as “barely habitable” by its Prime Minister the Hon Gaston Brown. The early report coming out of St. Martin and St. Barthelemy also suggests that, that country experienced extensive damage with some areas completely destroyed. A number of other Caribbean countries were directly hit while others experienced hurricane conditions as this powerful hurricane swept through the region.
    It is early days to provide a detailed report on the damages done in the region, but from all indications the impact is devastating. The hurricaneis still moving through the region and is forecast to hit the Southern Coast of Florida among other countries. 
    This note is to request prayers for all the affected countries and to telegraph our intention to assist in coordinating relief responses.
    Let us pool our resources and mediate the compassion of Christ to the affected people of the region. I will keep you posted as we try to stand in solidarity with the affected counties.

    Rev. Everton Jackson