International Women's Day 2024


    To all the women of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship. 
    "Communities have suffered significantly from ignoring and silencing the God gifted wisdom of women".
    A quote from Rev Marvia Lawes preaching at the closing Sunday service of the Jamaica Baptist Union 174th General Assembly on the theme "Demanding Equity". 
    Text - Numbers 27:1-12, the story of The Daughters of Zelophehad.
    From the Executive Secretary/Treasurer - Caribbean Baptist Fellowship

    CBF Christmas Message 2019

    CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM THE CARIBBEAN BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP       My Sisters and Brothers, I extend Advent greetings on behalf of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship. During this season, the John Tradition becomes the point of reference for highlighting...

    CBF Christmas Message, 2017

        CBF CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM REV. EVERTON JACKSON, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY/TREASURER   Christmas 2017 has found us a rather bewildered human race. There seems to be neither peace within nor peace without. The peace heralded by the angelic host on t...

    Caribbean Baptist Youth Elect New President-Deno Cartwright, 2017

    Caribbean Baptist Youth Elect New President-Deno Cartwright     Deno V. Cartwright, MBA, JP, is the new President of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship Department. Cartwright, born in Nassau, Bahamas and a banker by profession, currently serves as an...

    Caribbean Baptists Honoured Rev. Vincent Wood

    CARIBBEAN BAPTISTS HONOURED REV. VINCENT HOOD   "A founding member of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship, an icon of the faith, a no-nonsense person and an erudite Baptist Pastor" was how the Rev. Vincent Wood was described by the Rev. Everton Jackso...

    St. Kitts Baptist Celebrate 54 Years, 2017

    st.kitts Baptists celebrate fifty four years on March 5th, 2017.  By the providence of God, the Antioch Baptist Church was organized as the first established Baptist Church in St. Kitts-Nevis on Tuesday, 5 March, 1963 with Rev. Dr. William Connor O....

    Turks & Caicos 54th Annual General Conference 2016


    Turks & Caicos 54th Annual General Conference


     The Turks and Caicos Islands Baptist Union Inc. concluded its 54th. Annual General Conference under the theme: The Great Commission: His Last Command, Our First Concern.  This theme was the same one that was used last conference and members felt that there was more that could be gleamed from exploring this topic further.


    The conference lasted from Wednesday, July 6, to Sunday July 10, 2016 and the host church was the Salem Baptist Church in Grand Turk, with host pastor, Rev. Chad Ike Archbold.


    Prayer, Bible Studies, Executive and General meetings, an open-air evangelistic meeting as well as interactive sessions were held.  Our special mission project was conducted as delegates distributed much-needed supplies to elderly members.  These items included bed linen, food items and water.  One recipient was given a dining room set. 


    Small delegations were able to visit persons in Her Majesty's Prison. One highlight of the conference was a grand concert where the participants performed in church or organized groups, like Women's Band and Men's Brotherhood.


    The following is the Executive Body:


    President:                                Rev. Derek Hamilton

    Vice President:                        Deacon Willette Swann


    Executive Secretary:   Rev. Pedro S. Williams

    Asst. Executive Secretary:      Deaconess Rhesa Cartwright


    Treasurer:                                Sis. Sarah Quant


    Director of Christian Education & Stewardship:       Sis. Hope Hamilton

    Director of Evangelism & Missions   :                       Deacon Leonard Glasgow

    Director of Men's Brotherhood:                                 Deacon Henry Wilson

    Director of Women's Missionary Band:                     Sis. Buela Hamilton

    Director of Youth:                                                   Sis. Nerissa Lewis

    We covet your prayers as we continue striving to serve God, minister to the world, Going Forward in Faith,Hope and Works.

    CBF Youth Prayer Schedule 2016-2017

        We are asking all intercessors to join with us as we humbly go to God in prayer. We developed a prayer schedule to guide us for the next seventeen (17) months and we are asking for your commitment to pray on our behalf.    Each week we will...

    CBF EST Presentation to North America Baptist Fellowship 2016

      PRESENTATION TO NORTH AMERICA BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP  THURSDAY, JANUARY 7, 2016       INTRODUCTION   I am grateful for the invitation extended to me to address you from a Caribbean perspective as you gather as leaders and members of the North Ame...

    Women Department Christmas Greetings 2015

    Wishing for you and your family: All the love, joy and peace for the Christmas season and best wishes for the year 2016. Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year.   Yvonne Pitter, President, CBWU...